Corporate Flow – Enygma

In my 3 piece suit, I’m a Boss like Hugo/

My black belt’s cute, but I don’t do judo/

You know, I use Workers’ House as a shower joint/

After presentations with girls and my Powerpoint/

My life is superb, your life is absurd/

My bars are hardcore, you got micro-soft Words/

Try to audit my rhyme books, I might damage ya/

Got so many rhymes they made me a line manager/

Time to settle the score, I’m the head of the board/

This is the corporate flow, you’ll never be bored (board)/

Your favourite rappers gettin ignored/

You couldn’t escape if you had a keyboard/

I said it before, I’m abominable/

My personal assistant is Kabonero Bob/

I’m calling the shots – while you all are deadbeats/

So your girl invites me to Excel in spreadsheets!




About Mister L256

Ambitious. Passionate. 256 Born&Raised.

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