What’s My Name – Tucker HD

I guess words can’t express the feeling

Coz when I tell you I love you it sounds less appealing

So bear with me girl, my heart can’t beat without you

Even with the appetite, can’t eat without you

Can’t settle when we’re not together

Can’t get her off my mind, they stuck together

Two of a kind, like Gucci slippers, the right pair

She separates my daydreams from my nightmares

Time’s money, together we spend Euros

Me plus you, it equals swagger, in plurals

Life without you? well I don’t expect it to happen

Coz without my baby girl, am only Two And A Half Men

You my better half, let’s make it whole

I promise to make it right when I make it home

If we don’t make the most of this, then it’s us to blame

My soulja-girl tell-em, What’s My Name?

Uh, What’s my name,

Picture-perfect flow girl, you could touch the frame

Food for thought, for your heart not just the brain

Light me up Fire-Lady, ignite the flame

You the best I know

You and them other girls different like Yes and No

Good things always come and go like a light flash

I learnt my lessons, life’s class

Go Slow, you might crash

Calculate your woman’s worth and do the right maths

Shawty stay red-hot, never lukewarm

All over my Facebook, you a book-worm!




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