7 Seconds – Mol!z


Once again y’all! Black Birdz y’all!

Buddies, Ronnie… I’ll be waiting

Aha! Look…

Verse 1

I’ll tell you what am chasing, am chasing my dream

So help me God, Black B!rdz be my team

I do this for the love, I do it less for the green

So I keep my focus, and you know am ever keen

Best nigga doing it, I have to agree

Somethin’ like a thunderstorm for all the emcees

Married to the game, she got on that ring

So am the King, the game be my Queen

Life can be ugly but it can be sweet

That’s if your balling hard coz there’s nothing for free

So better live it up while you, while you still breath

‘Cause it can end soon, call it X..Y..Z


It’s not a second 7 seconds away

Are just as long as i stay I’ll be waiting…


 Verse 2

Black Birdz Black Birdz, what you gon do?

What you gon do when we come for you?

I got an idea of what you gon do

Run home to your dad, tell him this is somethin’ new

Rappers on my plate, I’ve been waiting for the food

Never fallen down ever since I stood wanna try me?

I don’t think that you should

I’m always strapped and I got the Kung-fu

Life is a game, mine has no rules I do whatever I want

The way I wanna cos I’ve been winning I don’t know the meaning of lose

When my rhymes hit you, you gon think you drunk booze


Verse 3

Work all night, until the next day

It’s just how we do, it’s how we get paid

You know our levels differ so please make way

You’re there busy hating, I’m here getting laid

Finally getting there I can see the sunrays

Getting heated up, you gon think I’m on ablaze (a blaze)

I hear you wanna take me down, it’s okay

But am sure you heard the rumors that I don’t play

7 seconds is all I got and am still on the wait

Waiting for an angel to come and take me away

I know in the sky is where I belong not in hell

So I’ll be waiting, waiting for that bell (Chorus)


Man I only got two words for you Mol!z man Killing it Bl@ck B!rdz!


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