High Definition – Tucker HD

Verse 1

Runnin’ in my lane, better get your sweatpants

Better than the X-man, better than the next man

Never heard your song, it must’ve been a Def Jam

They bride-and-groom rappers, I’m better than the Best Man

You run the town, I’m runnin’ cross-country

So UG, man I’m so Sevo’s country

It’s illegal bein’ a loser

So am what these other rappers are tryna be in the future

Bloodbath, leave your a** in the showers

My time is money, gettin’ cash every hour

The throne you assume needs real airs

Am seated on big wheels, like wheel-chairs

Still I stand tall,2 feet, ground all

Am 3D,Death,Defeat and Downfall

I gets crazy like Rex did

My life’s a movie, I’m about to Cineplex it..


Life’s a gift in my definition

Y’all haters fall short of High Definition

Find your level,H1 gives the best clues

You just tryna fix yourself in my best shoes

I come 1st,and the 2nd time

You just come 1ce,14th like Valentine’s

But am ready, I been waitin’ for this moment

Who claimin’ he own the game? Coz I’ma make him disown it

Holla if you want it, I’ma get up on it

Big Foot Flu, am tramplin’ the opponent

Do it till they screamin’ out ‘Have mercy upon us

We already got served’, well am servin’ a bonus

Try trippin’ wit’ me,I never fall boy

Tucker got more balls than a ball-boy

Even when am in 2nd place I feel home

Am better out of position, Tucker Phil Jones..

Verse 3

Am in the buildin’ like staircases

Hide your feelings boy, wear faces

Am by myself on the top, swear am so mono

Still I make myself easy to love..no homo

More bars than Luzira

Ghostface, I can’t see myself in the mirror

My reflection of perfection’s gone

But I’ma beat the beat like it’s Escandone

Am everywhere, I need a extra zone

Can’t go to hell, that’s next to home

Destination heaven, flow 9/11

I rule the dice like the 6 between 5 and 7

More songs than a choir

Feel-good music, more souls I inspire

Got ma boys poppin’ bottles like we won a rally

Trademark-Tucker, more balls than a bowling alley




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