Too Easy (Freestyle) – Benny Black

First things first I wake and then pray

Thank God ask him to make it a great day

Then I’m off to make sales, off to paper chasin’

Make mix tapes for y’all to be purchasing

And when a studio session is done

Some niggas call it a day in my conversation my day has begun

With no authorization Benny carries a gun

A nigga like me in this nation? There isn’t none

Uh! I’m playin’ rock paper scissors with the hands of fate

I’m playin’ dodge ball with a pin-less hand grenade

I’m playin’ with cocaine…it’s all in vein

I keep on sayin’ I’m playin’ coz to me life is just a game

At the end we have to lose(Toulouse) like Frenchmen do

But I try to draw like what my henchmen do

On a track, if I’m featuring you

6 feet under’s where I’m ditching you

Now put both hands up like its midnight

I spit like the speed light moves at

Y’all act like u don’t know me yet you do

And keep askin’ who’s that who’s that

Well I’m the real! What y’all call that reality is fake

Don’t cross me for Christianity’s sake!

Your hair? You dye it? That jean? You buy it?

That thing there skinnier than Ghandi on diet!

Y’all homos sound the same like homonyms

Meanwhile Im in the league of Kanye, Common, Eminem

Don’t make me mad and make me aim at you

Coz you want black out like UMEME do

But I’m toppin’ you niggas across the nation

Only time you come before me is ejaculation

I’m takin’ over the building like Asian invasion

Or alien invasion in movies on television

On the road to riches, I’m not changing destination

I seen a couple b*ches they claimin’ they competition

Wanna be in my position? Muhf*cker petition Muhf*cker petition

And that’s a f*ckin repetition… get it?




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