News At 20:11 – Enygma

It’s pretty clear, from the horns you hear in the atmosphere/
2011 has disappeared – Happy New Year/
But as we’re welcoming 2012, we need to delve/
Into 2011, to hear the stories it can tell/
The year started with the anti-gay Bahati Bill/
Causing international pressure, to have the the bill repealed/
Homosexuals, have got backing, so we can’t F with them/
Moving on, Museveni is our new President/
He beat the competition leaving them all feeling nugu/
But you know? Some didn’t vote, like Olara Otunnu/

The economy collapsed, the shilling lost all of its worth/
Everything expensive, so now people start walking to work/
But this was viewed as more than just critical remonstrations/
People got arrested for these political demonstrations/
Arinaitwe Gilbert, was known for besieging Besigye/
He smashed the window of his car, just to feed him pepper spray/
The Police intervened, to reduce some of Besigye’s stress/
They gave him a holiday at home – some called it house arrest/
He would later announce resignation as FDC leader/
Meanwhile, Rebecca Kadaga became the first female speaker/
Mbabazi, Kutesa & Onek were accused of taking bribes/
From oil companies. I think that such fraud is the same as taking lives/
Basajjabalaba, had everybody watching him/
Cos he received billions from government, so fortunate/
A radio owned by Minister Kabakumba Masiko/
Was found with stolen UBC equipment. Now that’s quite a pickle/
So she was soon forced to resign for causing so much friction/
Gilbert Bukenya was fired too, and then sent to prison/
He was accused of mismanaging lots of CHOGM money/
But then acquitted and released, he’s harder than mahogany/
Erias Lukwago, The Mayor, faced major struggles/
With his new boss at KCC, Jennifer Musisi/
We should be proud of Julia Sebutinde at The Hague/
The first African Woman to elevate, to such a stage/
But some things never change, Mabira Forest still at risk/
Load shedding got so bad, that even UEB was missed/
This the year a girl appeared and was revered for buying beers/
For her peers, at the bars with the stars/
And some cars, but instead, she needs jeers, nothing nice/
Cos it’s clear that Bad Black had just stolen from Dumb White/
Allegedly. 11 billion is the magic number/
It was also claimed that Rabadaba walked around with daggers/
Most rappers, don’t wanna see defeat like a beer gut/
So we were shocked to see Atlas going for Klear Kut/
Then Navio earned the most Channel O nominations/
And Keko took a trophy home, victory for our nation/
But domination was achieved by singer Maurice Kirya/
International awards, Serena shows, everyone feel ya/
The John Akii-Bua movie was finally released/
And The Hostel series had everybody glued to their seats/
Who Wants to be a Millionaire came on but didn’t last/
Unlike Sharon in the Big Brother house, she had a blast/
We saw the breakup of Blu*3, they all now have a baby/
And Bobi Wine threw a lavish wedding to marry Barbie/
Sean Kingston performed, but Mr. Flavour was really silly/
Hot100 was joined by Xfm and Radiocity/
Gololo took a belt and a half, he was publicised/
As the man who kicked the bucket and the bucket died/
But the public cried, when we failed to qualify/
For African Cup of Nations the players looked so terrified/
Kaste we won CECAFA, really we should stop being/
Miserable. Even in cricket we’re African champions/
Props to Susan Muwonge she didn’t dilly dally/
She became the first female champion at the Independence Rally/
Now we’ll have to diss the female drivers secretly/
We never get along like FUFA and Uganda Super League/
They’re bringing the game into disrepute. It’s such a shame/
At least we got 8 medals at the All Africa Games/
In FUBA basketball the Warriors were overpowered/
By Power who won with the final shot at the 11th hour/
Wow – it’s time change the page over/
… Break over/
The great Nobel Peace Prize won by Sirleaf-Johnson/
Of Liberia. While Nigeria’s Boko Haraam were so gruesome/
The French Forces, forced Laurent Ggagbo from Cote d’Ivoire/
And Southern Sudan achieved independence from their counterparts/
But the biggest story in Africa was the Arab Spring/
That took down Tunisia and Egypt and then the ‘King of Kings’/
As always U.S. intervenes while lying to the public/
They just want to take out any president who’s not a puppet/
When will you finally speak the truth, Mr. Obama?/
Do you think anybody believed your story about Osama?/
And now that also Kim Jong Il is dead I guess your plan/
Is to find a pathetic excuse to go attack Iran/
Like Strauss Khan, there’ll be a set up no doubt/
Instead of Wall Street, they should have occupied the White House/
Our problems are bigger now that we’re more than 7 billion/
Still 2 billion people watched, Katherine marry William/
At least their marriage lasted longer than Kardashian’s/
Oprah finally ended her show, looks like she’s cashing in/
Speaking of fat, Rick Ross’s seizures, made me laugh at him/
While Fat Joe, lost weight to be Slim Joe, let’s clap for him/
Eminem signed the super group Slaughterhouse to Shady/
And Lil Kim murdered Nicki Minaj, Weezy & Baby/
And Jay-Z, slaughtered them too talking about Baby dimes/
I guess that’s why YMCMB signed up Busta Rhymes/
Bad Meets Evil when you use Lasers to Watch The Throne/
The Carter IV was rap parody – Drake’s now doing RnB/
Apparently, we die in 2012, but first I’ll smash this/
By giving you 100 bars of news. I’m Baale Francis.
~ ~ ~
RIP Jimmy Musisi
& Rajab Kisekka.
David Otti
Balamaze Lwanga
Bob Kasule
Edward Luyimbazi Mugalu.
And Musa Kent
Maj. Gen. Francis Nyangweso.
John Ssimbwa
Amy Winehouse
Heavy D, Nate Dogg
Joe Frazier, Steve Jobs
Prof. Wangari Maathai.
Frederick Chiluba
Kim Jong-il
Muammar Gaddafi
RIP anyone else who died and they were close to you.
RIP to this instrumental too…



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