Sound Of Lovemakin’ – Unique

Verse 1

Me and you at the balcony we’re lookin’ at the stars

Am feelin’ alone yet we’re together this is not right.

I’ve been with you for a minute we’ve been dating for a while.

Now yo body wants me gal i want u level two is here.

We can light the candle lights, bite each other’s ear, lock each other’s lips.

C’mon gal u know u wanna hold my body close

Put on yo birthday suit, have me in yo mmghnmm. C’mon


I wanna hear the sound of lovemaking (oooooh, aahww, aaaaahhh) X4

Verse 2

Let me turn you on I got yo switches in my palms.

Yo dealing with a master girl, a pro is in control.

Just tell me how you want it, satisfaction’s guaranteed.

Can ride u like a tiger or I may do it tenderly.

We can go to the beach, light a fire there, make love in the sand

C’mon gal u know u wanna go to ecstasy, make you lose yo mind

Have u say the ooowwhhh. C’mon



Take off yo top I’ma put u down

I’ma take you where you’ve never been

All you gotta do is focus on me. Do you wanna ride?

I’ma give it to u nice and slow.

Damn I’ma make yo body hot, I’ma take u to ecstasy, do u wanna ride?



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