Ten Reasons – Enygma

Verse 1

You probably like fruit salads, cos you in despair/

Don’t just stare, I’m a school you with this new ballad/

So just listen up, ladies, leave ’em other guys/

An MC’ll be your best man, and I’ma tell you why/

When you’re lonely at a wedding, guys’ll tie on you/

But an MC will never use a weak line on you/

He’ll serenade you with a poem, even dare to sing/

And if you’re lacking jewellery, well you can share his bling/

You might, have to greet his homies, by smacking fists/

But on the 25th, he’ll help with wrapping gifts/

Also if he dragging filth, with brown sneakers/

Nag him all you want, cos we love loudspeakers!


Ladies please, do not visit agencies/

It’s blatant these, guys show complacency/

If you’re giving up on men, then just wait and see/

I got ten reasons for you girls to date MCs.


Verse 2

Wrapping with him in bed, you’ll have tonnes of fun/

He’ll take interest, when you flow, once a month/

And who needs foreplay, when all day/

Can get horny, and an orgy, with only wordplay/

And asking softly, while you peek into his eyes/

He’ll allow you to bow, and to speak into his mic/

No need to swallow. MCs like it when you spit/

You might even encourage him to write another hit!/

Don’t worry about pregnancies, or STDs/

Because MCs, don’t perform without CDs/

And he killing you, banging your head on the headboard/

Cos his, penis, mightier, than the sword!


Verse 3

So you don’t need to try drown your sorrows in vodka/

Just because you couldn’t find a lawyer or doctor/

You’ll get knocked up by doctors and lawyers are liars/

Accountants act up, ministers are malayas/

Yeah I said it! And this is the clean edit/

All those other men are bad for you, I hope you won’t forget it/

A busi-ness-man’s, too busy yes ma’am/

Comedian’s broke as a joke, even on Def Jam/

A pilot’s so plain, yet thinks he’s so fly/

An engineer will sacrifice wifey for wi-fi/

A cop’s like doggy dogg, he always snoops/

And if you date a dentist, then it’s you who’s detoothed/

I’m here to give you the truth, I’m like your ssenga/

Don’t play with little boys, like Arsene Wenger/

Give an MC a chance, his rapping will give you laughter/

You can be his princess and live happily ever after!





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