The Girls Where I’m From – Pitch


Just Jose! It’s Pitch in the house


I’ve met a lot of girls but none of them compare to the girls where I’m from

They make that booty pop pop pop then drop it real low

So yeah mama show it off and do that dance on the floor

Girl drop it real low and just do that dance on the floor

Nyenya, and just do that dance on the floor

Sunda, and just do that dance on the floor

Verse 1 (Premise)

I see you looking at me and I like your eyes

I love the way you stare when your feeling my vibe

You’ve got that Ug swag and it’s matching mine

Got them sneakers on me and them heels on ya’

If your dude ain’t cool tell him (bela mu classi)

When your hanging out with me I got you feeling all classy

Your glass ain’t full let me fill it up for ya

Won’t regret it in the morning when you find me on ya

Knock knock knocking on the wall the way you say my name

All the neighbors gon’ know It’s pitch in the house

Your boy premise on the rap Just Jose on the beat, and we kill it like that


Verse 2 (DLX)

Lady killer, go getter, some say I’m a hunter

I don’t give a damn coz I’m getting what I want to

I mean, I give them the warmth in the winter

Those are my girls I ain’t seen them where I’ve been to

Yeah Dlx on the mental, yes I got a girl and I got her where I want to

You hating on me I blame you coz you got to

Still I got them girls and to me they say hello

So the game recognize me and so do other girls in my city

That I see if I ain’t in my city then it’s driving me crazy

Coz none of these girls here seems to amaze me

So I’m getting bored and I’m getting all lazy party, party, party man

We crazy with all my girls

I’d get me a nosy ‘Presley’ Hugh Heff and Khloe and maybe Kourtney

Trust me I’ve seen a lot of girls

But none of them compare to the girls where I’m from


Verse 3 (Premise)

All the girls where I’m from, they act so cool

they drop it real low and shake that ass on the floor

Met Stacy at the bar, drunken as hell sat next to me

While she was smelling smoke scent couldn’t pass her off

so I had to take her home let her lie down

And put no clothes on then I got that feeling

And we had to get it on, emotions in the air as she’s sniffing my cologne

Rubbing on my back man I love the way she roll

Never fell in love but I felt like she’s the one

The one special someone that was sent from up above

Bringing me that special kinda thing called love

But then I woke up in the morning and remembered who she was

Now my girl’s got to stop hanging out with her

All these alcohol drinks got me messed up coz I was looking at a ten

But that ain’t what she was





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  1. kati thats wats up
    GWATS Is the ish ive been high on

  2. Thats de watsup !u guys rock! tytlyrics! but wea de videos at? video vixens available its an ad ate a commercial 1

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