This is Hip Hop – Batabazi ft. Wordstorm

Intro (Tasha & PG)

This is Hip Hop

Yeah Batabazi & Wordstorm

This is Hip Hop

Yeah listen up

This is Hip Hop

Verse 1 (PG)

Question? What is the state of the game?

What is the mind frame?

Could it be doing it for love?

Or it’s only about fame?

What I think it’s crippled, I’m saying it’s just lame

A lot of trash talking but they ain’t sayin’ a thang

Losing focus of the aim and where the story began

Just to mention but a few off the top of the brain

Dougie Fresh, LOX, The Tribe and Wu-Tang

Now watch the track bring it back like Boomerang

See I got that crazy flow, lyrically am insane

And the bars I drop, similar to pouring rain

See the picture used to be real

Now they croppin’, photoshoppin’

Rappers optin’ like adoption what is happenin’?

I don’t know, I don’t know

Y’all niggaz is slackin’

Hook (Tasha):

This is Hip Hop

This is Hip Hop

This is Hip Hop

This is Hip Hop

Verse 2 (Wordstorm):

Yho yho…

Back in the day when Hip Hop was Hip Hop

Biggie Smalls Tupac took it to the tip top

Niggaz used to flip different styles like flip flops

If you couldn’t spit on the beat you would flop

But niggaz stopped writin’ wack MCs started bitin’

Ill MCs fell off like Mike Tyson

The game changed, rearranged

Wack MCs they now sell, dope MCs they now fail

Man it’s a joke like Kenan & Kel

With the future, only time will tell

If we keep the rhyming ill,

Sharpen up old rhyming skills

Keep focused, swarm like locusts

Like Wu-Tang in ’93, maybe take the game back to ’93

Coz they won’t be no denying me

Wordstorm when am styling free

Hook (Tasha)

This is Hip Hop

This is Hip Hop

This is Hip Hop

This is Hip Hop

Verse 3 (Jerome Black)

Hey! Jerome Black

Yeah! J-bizzzy J.B.I.Z.Z.Z.Y yeah!

Hip Hop yatandika nga tuli baddala

Nga talimu byakwelagga

Nga tumukola lw’okwagala

Bwogenda mu ma cla-bu, nga abaana bakyakala

Naye kati watuuse yetagga ddagala

Bangi bamufudde businessi bazze kubilala

Mpulira byebogera, naye nabyo byonna sibyadala

Alagga ssente bamulabe ng’eeka asula njala

Asiiba Ntinda, nga abeera Butambala

Oluyita mu Owino eyo nakwasa kyayambala

Nga ava kumulamwa akugambye

Nga’dda ku malala-lalala-lalalala-lalalala-lalalala

Hip Hop yali mugezzi mubutto yakula naasiliwala

Kituswaaza nekisesa nnyo nga Muvawala

Ekigenze ewala (laugh)

Keep it real yo, quit fakin’ that swag


PG: This is Hip Hop

Hook: (Tasha)

This is Hip Hop

This is Hip Hop

This is Hip Hop

This is Hip Hop




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