Nkiikilila – Pitch

Verse 1 (Premise)

Good evening my people

I know me and this rap are a combination graded lethal

But that’s understandable I clearly have no equal

And you can tell that by my hit track sequel

Now to all the rap kings and queens of UG

That are trying to make the world stand up to their feet

Let’s thank God that brought y’all to me

And got me inspired to rhyme to this beat

Now the grind is in me

And I can’t face defeat ‘got my head to the sky

And no remorse when I shine

The feeling that I get in the booth when I’m in it ain’t easy

Spitting rhymes for a living, you’ve got to stay focused, on point and ever ready

When the game switch lanes you just got to switch with it

Now I’m reppin’ UG 256 in this

Got that black red and yellow on my brand new kicks

Got myself a good girl she’s kinda westernish

With them thick yellow thighs she’s always testing me

I just let her do her thing, I don’t resist at all

I’m the beneficiary once I get that ass home

And I’m optimistic about where I’m headed

And coz I get that vibe I’m never quitting waddap

(Optimistic about where I’m headed

And coz I get that good vibe I’m never quitting waddap)


I be I be reppin’ UG I be reppin’ 256 I be I be I be reppin’ UG I be Nze nkiikilila

When I pull out the ride Nze nkiikilila Don’t hate on my shine Bwe nkiikilila

Coz I got the dime Nze nkiikilila Ekisela kyona Nkiikilila

Verse 2 (DLX)

First we had a dream and started scheming making the music

I know you hearing, you know we winning

We dreaming as we awaken History in the making

We rapping and y’all are shaking

Some are clapping, you smiling, I’m rhyming they screaming Damn!

We got the swag over flowing, Pitch in the house, get familiar yup,

We feel ya we know that you know you never heard nothing realer

And when I’m up on the stage god damn I kill ya

I milk the crowd, ‘make the girls get wilder you know what it is it’s Pitch

And the power you hear the best, god damn I’m blessed

And tonight I’m a guest in your ears get the bliss pump your fists in the air


Verse 3 (Aurik)

Catch me on a broom stick voodoo on this rap shit

Look how I call a man witch wizard should have been him spittin’ like a nutcase

haters kip yo distance cos it took me a number of miles

And brain to talk about the beef in the game and why niggas bleed in the game

And my word is final its harder than takin’ out a rhino

My fast rap hit on a beat made on a piano

I’m in the booth spittin’ like I ain’t pretty simple

Tryin’ to find the fastest way to get down and tangle

I have a bunch of niggas who need to follow

Followin’ too fast on path seems narrow

Running around like they were hit with a poison arrow

I’m still on a low level but I’ll soon hit a higher level

Sippin’ liquor with the ladies and ladies will keep screaming yeah

Pitch got niggas but i can never be sorry for a money hungry lady

So i live the life I chose if I’m reppin’ UG, it’s my style not yours

Switchin’ up to my style I’ma need to bless yo flow with my consistence in flow

I’ma knock you out with one hell of a blow



Yego, UG what’s up! It’s Pitch in the house…




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  1. ya’ll killed this shyt

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