Burning – Flex D’Paper ft Dasper Cosine & Tracey


Flex D’Paper, DC, It’s Rapaholix

Chorus (Tracey)

Am tryna be a star making hit tracks

Chasing these bucks but maintaining my swag

Take it to the top and keep it like that

But haters don’t like it and yet deep down,

(They know that we burning… they know that we burning… X2)

Verse 1 (Flex D’Paper)

My flow is so hot it got fire in it

But yours is so buguma like Navio said

So when am spitting these bars, call the fire brigade

When the mic’s on fire cause am burning it

Am a drama setter Kanye Taylor Swift

OJ Simpson on the beat, you can tell am killing it

I mean it I passed the limit, I over did it

But you can tell that I exhibit ma swag in lyrics

So though these haters chase me, I got my Kipsiro on

By the time they get here, they will find that am gone

Up for the throne till I make it my own

K’la city born so I rep where am from

And am addicted to rap, a Rapaholic

And ma pants so thin like I starved my fabric

In my So UG T-Shirt and high top Nikes

And my flow is MC Hammer you can’t touch this


Verse2 (Dasper Cosine)

Some bway wan light di fire but again dem cant cool it up

Dis time me tell dem say you nuh go trick me

When dem lass see me nali nesala sapatu za Umoja

But dem check me now dem say Dasper is a soulja

Kuba nemedekko like super glue inna ya hands

Mi nuh go let go till me dead can’t deny it

Ready like Freddy we nuh pet no big gonny

When dem zutopong a friend we Selassie I number one

Sili mulongo Kato oba Wasswa naye nno njoja

Zanya nange saaga nange nkuleka opoocha

Enkuyege zikukubila nduluu Ruuuhh Ruuuhh Ruuuhh

Gaboozi ganji gokuba, wolokoso! Nzeno yanema

We cleanse up ever ting nuh need no chlorine

Me nuh ya favourite rapper I’m 20 percent of me

Me K’la city born but di gyal dem say from Nsimbi ziwoome


(Chorus) X2

Verse 3 (Flex D’Paper)

If UG hip-hop’s dying I’m the blood donor,

So catch me free styling my bars by the corner

Doing what I wanna, this game I’m the owner

The foes tried to stop us but found that ffe twokya

Superstar status so I’m doing red carpets

Hustle paid me so am doing fat pockets

Rubber band man, so I don’t need a wallet

Stop drowning in my flow, get yourself a life jacket

And am doing UgaFlow but what you do is karaoke

Deliver big bars what you drop is microscopic

Beef is my ganja like M.I I smoke it

So bring me more of it, if not stop it

And since am so fly homey I don’t need a ride

Am sky scrapper high and my swags on flight

Living the fast life I’m so that type

Am a champ in the making General Pype ya heard!





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