Party Life – Flex D’Paper ft Big Tril

Intro (Flex D’Paper)

Yeah! K’la City Parties yeah! Rapaholix Music

Flex D’Paper Let’s Go Let’s Go

Chorus (Daisy)

Ayo you know we keep on partying like

Ayo you know we keep on rocking like

They turn me up, they turn you down

My swag is up your swag is down

Ayo, you know it’s called the Party Life

They turn me up they turn you down

My swag is up your swag is down

Ayo, you know it’s called the Party Life

Verse 1

We keep on partying hard, every night we shutting down Kampala

Taking over clubs like lady Black am setting drama

So fresh to death is how these chics define my swagger

So when they see me pass by all they do is holla

Party like a rock star with all stars

Don’t care what the drink will cost us

Buying out the whole bar the vodka

JD UG Punch in my cup VIP no beers it’s strictly Rose

Got NUVO and Kris we can sip it all day

And we party with no restrictions because we don’t care,

Lift our glasses in the air as we all say…


Verse 2

Well I don’t mean to brag but there’s something I’ma ask you

Tell me what a party is until swagger boy has come through

Am so UG T-Shirts and got Ray Bans on the shades too

And got girls staring when I see them from my rare view

Popping champagne drinks so plenty so they pouring like a fountain

Haters don’t like it so envy that’s why they keep on fronting

But me and my crew careless, cause as they hate we are VIP Lounging

Drink after drink we take till the bar tender stops the counting

So though am feeling tipsy put a punch into my cup

Somebody tell the waiter that I need another round

Now raise your glasses up if you bout to pass out

Cause K’la city parties we don’t even give a argh!

Shawty like The Mith’s girl she on fire like a flame,

She party so hard to her every day is a weekend,

So I’ma get to her and after that her cute friend

And party all night and tomorrow do it again


Verse 3 (Big Tril)

B.F.E OK now… Baboon in the Building, yeah!

I’ma get you grooving, now take a sip take a sip

Got you floating like a sailing ship

Black Pearls Jack Sparrow

Lead you follow, spit you swallow

Touch and bring it like dang dang!

When you partying with me my name aint a thing

So pop it, bring it up, drop it

Move it to the left, to the right don’t stop it

Shades on like Matrix I never heal I stay sick

I’m complex never basic, your girlfriend wants to get

But nah ah ah ah my swag is up and yours is ahahaha!

(Chorus) X2


It’s your boy Flex D’Paper, K’la City parties, Rapaholix Music

I might get busted for a D.U.I haha

Your Aethan I got you on this one, DACA Samurai Roota records




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