She Said – Dasper Cosine ft Flex D’Paper


She said she is in love with just another man there

She said she is in love with just another man there

She say him give her every ting she wan

And make her feel like she di only one

She say, him give her every ting she wan

Well she say…

Verse 1 (Dasper Cosine)

Gyal eh why you say you wan left me

Bout every time you wick me pon me celie

So me heart nuh rest you seh nuh go left me

Bout now you gan becker

Me nuh got no Beemer and no Range Rover

You leave me feeling low

Nga even when we quarrel sikubunya bufo

Dem say a man never cry but me heart crying

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh


Verse2 (Flex D’Paper)

Damn baby you look like a model

Superstar status like paparazzi I follow

And the way you spend is like you just hit a lotto

And you are so special something like Mavado

So hello, Yeah! Shawty ten over ten

The type that my momma had to even recommend

She a player in my game but more than just a friend


Verse 3 (Dasper Cosine)

If you wan see dem love den send a dove

Wid yo love mi gon seal it off

And I’m a man who nuh go keep you off

Di joy and di pleasure so sidung part off




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