Enygma In Paris – Enygma

Verse 1

My bars so hard all these suckers wanna sign me, first you gotta out rhyme me/

What’s 50 grand to a brother like me? Bribe when the officer finds me?/

(Bars so hard) This shit crazy, so much that I’m starting to get lazy/

Didn’t feel like coming up with my own flow so I’m her jocking Jay-Z/

(Bars so hard) I’m so tight. In a straitjacket when I write/

Remember these bars, like a memory card, but you can’t call these Jigga bites (gigabytes)/

Tight flow, I’m liable to go psycho, take your pick/

Butabika, Badi Blacka, Jason Russell, make me sick/

(My bars so hard) Call me smith. An ironmonger this my gift/

Walking around like my shit don’t stink, open up and take a whiff/

(Bars so hard) I don’t like flossing. Money in the club’s not for tossing/

With the price of gas, if I wasted cash, I would be faker than Rick Ross is/

(Bars so hard) Bitch behave. Rollover, sit and stay/

When you have a hard time, understandin’ my rhymes, all you gotta do is, press replay!/

(Bars so hard) Fallen star, stuntman, borrowed car/

Bonjour, merci, beaucoup, au revoir!

Verse 2

I’m not embarrassed, yes, my parents prepared us for Paris/

You’ll kick the bucket if you punks keeping up an appearance/

Tryna impress fairweather friends you wanna make it rain/

You’re a victim when you dress and act like Lil Wayne/

(Bars so hard) That shit gay – it ain’t okay/

(Bars so hard) My style they feel it, not fillet/

(Bars so hard) Givenchy and Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier/

(Bars so hard) I don’t need to Rome in Europe I’m the Pope in here/

But I’m not Christian, my dear (Dior) still I’m prayin’ daily/

I’m in Paris, but Kampala’s better, I’m just sayin’/

Prince Wiliiam ain’t do it right if you ask me/

Cause I was him, I’d give Kabaka all the dowry/

What’s mzungu, my nigga? What’s Kony, my killa?

What’s drugs, my dealer? Give Mulago some will ya?

Cameras in position, I’ve just started the mission/

It’s Enygma in Paris and I’m not talking ’bout Hilton! Huuuuh?!




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