Full Full Condition – Lyrikal Proof


Coming, Coming, I realised That Ah!

Go Go Go Go Go Go Go

And they Go!


It’s a Full Full Condition

Full Full Condition

Full Full Condition

(And they go!) (X2)

(Verse 1)

Yo, Take 1,  I met her at Iguana dawg

By the counter sitting looking like a model uh

And She was looking, at a nigga like a matador

Trynna dodge a bull saying, “(That Ah), I’m going home”

Tried to slow her down told her I could hold her down

Told her I could buy her any beer from the bar now

Smirnoff Ice on the rocks let her hair down

Told the bartender next round’s on the boy now

Look at me now stunting like I’m Chris Brown

Shawty told me I ain’t  gonna get it all for one round

She had a long day trynna get a new job

I ain’t trynna hear it I just wanna hit it one time (Ah)

She a godess how I seen her in ’em high heels

Wondering if I could take her home would she take ’em off

And then she asked me, nigga where your car keys

If you’re trynna put me on a boda you ain’t getting this (Ah)


Full Full Condition

Full Full Condition

Full Full Condition

(And they go!) (X2)

(Verse 2)

Yo, Take 2, I met her at a night club

Looking something like a model from a video

I told her shawty you’re a cutie looking lonely though

And then she turned around and told me, “(That Ah)” damn girl

You know the name boo, should’ve heard a thing or two

I just wanna get you on the floor quit the attitude

And you’re a city girl, baby I’m a City dude

Everything I do I do it KLA style too.

She said excuse me, nigga do I know you

Coming round here only dude I know is Navio (Hahaha)

Oh and GNL at least I seen they videos

Give me one reason why I really  gotta know you

I told her baby I’m a veteran, lyrically

Young Proof stunting on these haters like I’m Bebe Cool

I don’t play around baby I’m a grown dude

Then I saw her boyfriend coming out the restroom (Daammnn)


Full Full Condition

Full Full Condition

Full Full Condition

(And they go!) (X2)


Coming, Coming, (That Ah!)

Coming, Coming, I realised That Ah!

(Verse 3)

Yo, Take 3, shawty at the Cayenne,

With her girlfriends nigga when I walk in

She a diva yeah I seen her on a big screen

And a Magazine looking something like an actress

Mean swagg got me looking like an Actor

I approach shawty with a glass looking fucked up

Told her friends could you give us one second please

Took her to the side with her drink then she told me

What’s your plan dude I don’t even know you

You should make it quick and I ain’t even trynna be rude

I told her calm down, let me try to Know you

I just wanna have a good time we can make it two

She said she really can’t do it right now

She just trynna be with her friends chilling right now

I told her shawty they can wait, all I need is one night out

Party til it’s sunny take your number then we both out, riight?


Full Full Condition

Full Full Condition

Full Full Condition

(And they go!) (X4)


Ahhhhh maann

(This is an accident!)


Urban Aksent, Music


(Produced By Stonetown)




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