Hustler – King Artha ft Konjo MC


King A, K-L-A, Konjo MC

Anha… let’s go!

Chorus (Konjo MC)

Ebusikiza nikwabiye

Life story ya hustler nime kuwanje


Verse 1 (King Artha)

I get it on with no delay

Guess what happened yesterday

KLA, haze blowin’, grippin’ on the ashtray

It’s like I was making the streets play like Collin McCrae

Kaya hooray, feelin’ so aye-ray

So alright, takin’ a flight, bright, tight and right

Am in the limelight, spotlight

Hey boo, you wanna kick it tonight?

My name is heights, so u aint gotta worry

When I sweep you off yo feet

And take you higher with my Kaya

King of the empire 24/7 never retire

I am yo desire, you cold and am hot

Come get some fire… yeah

(Chorus) X2

Verse 2 (King Artha)

Pretty I don’t know who you are

You shining like a star I can see you from a far

But I know, you been tellin’ yo girls

That am so handsome I know u want some

If you want some then you better come

If you want some come and get some

Yo beautiful and I’m handsome

That makes a twosome

So what it do, what you do, what you wanna do?

I know you know that am the hottest on the scene

And I’m the best you ever seen

But hold on, me and you can get it on

Coz I got skill and I’m real

Not to mention that I’m ill

Don’t stand still

Come closer let me show you how I feel

Don’t be alarmed, I don’t bite, I only eat

But I always pay the bill girl yeah… haha

Bridge (Konjo MC)

Batusanga mu ghetto wetubasalila ko

Kukigobelo nanti… blow!

Tokyitya beela nange

Tewali buzibu bwoba ontudde kumpi

Sawa za night security eba tight

Abaana bagasiya gear lever bazisonga ko

Abagezigezi boot bazifungula gwe

(Chorus) X4




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