Kila Siku – Lyrikal Proof


Uhh, and it’s another one, yeah

(Verse 1)

First things First, I get applause on a regular

Wondering If I ain’t never I rap I’d be your regular

Kid in a City where the hustle all familiar

And all the street lights never work, check the media

I, wake up early everyday cuz I’m trynna see the sunrise

Early everyday and it’s only been a couple of days, looking kinda dazed

But my future won’t let me, take a couple of days off

Throw a cap on, hoodie to the Nikes on

Headed to the City but the streets be my life form

Everytime I open all these doors, see a new dawn

Imma do it twice like I did it on the 1st song

Smile, that’s the reason that I’m still on

I could it take back but you know we gotta move on

This is for the hood, all ma people trynna move forward

Hustle til the End like Armageddon n*gga move forward

(Verse 2)


I, cop a dollar on a day when I should cop more

Dollars, in a city where these niggas on tour

Nocturnal like a vampire n*ggas on the street

Street life keep us safe I ain’t saying I’m a street kid

Rugged Made for this rap sh*t I’m unsolved

N*ggas got a problem with a dude, Hats Off

You’s a pawn in a game I was built for

Nights on a crime scene n*ggas ain’t built for

I spring summer on these winter fools, ridiculed

Riding through it every single day I see ’em coming through

On same nights when i’m trynna pay my damn dues

N*ggas out partying hanging with the same crews

The Dark Knight sunny days been hating on

N*ggas make a n*gga sound common like sense do

Untouchable, the villain in the same suit

With the same dude, super Hero whatchu gon’ do

(Verse 3)

Uhh, Yeah, Gotta get it, the hustle don’t stop Hommez

Keep it on the grind coz for me I call it Life hommez

Seen ’em n*ggas trynna put a n*gga down hommez

When you hold a crown then they trynna put you down hommez

K-town that’s my muthaf**king birthplace

Still I go to Stone Town, that’d be the 1st Place

Where I go to Rest that’d be the Motherland

That’d be the last place that I ever turn down

I be going for the kill for the damn thrill

Dedicated every single minute just to rap ill

Every second I advance on the rap skill

Mentally I’m iller than these rappers on a rap deal

I been hated at the same time elevated

Falling from the top ain’t as hard if you’re overrated

I’m undefeated, underpaid and it ain’t fair

Grab a cab tell these n*ggas that I’m outta here


Yeah, you know, it’s a tough world out here man

We just trynna put some work in, you know

9 to 5, daily grind, 24 7, 3 6 5, 2 5 6

UG KLA, what it ain’t

Yup, Stonetown on this one

Urban Aksent, Levy I see you

(Produced By Stonetown)




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