On Lock – 1Rail


I got it on lock

Its official now am impossible to stop

Aint no way you livin’ on top, because I got it on lock

I climbed my way up now and aint fallin’ aint callin’ the game

You see I got it on lock aint no change in me

I’m exactly how it came to be better cuff me up

And hope these federals is takin’ me

Lock me up chains even shadow at ma name

It aint change till one of us save the game

I got it on lock

Verse 1

Got it on lock e’ry day up in the studio

Tryin’ to get rich with ma face up on the TV

Ma life a hustle yeah I’m tryin’ to get that paper

Gotta stack ma end and I know that I’ma win

Got it locked steady rollin’ through ma block

Haters smilin’ in ma face but they hate behind ma back

Haters can hate me but they can’t fade me

Haters can hate me but they can’t fade me!

I got it on lock you can feel it in swagger

Feelin’ so good it’s the money that am after

I gotta go get it cos the money is factor

No time for laughter cause you know I’m not an actor

Rappers couldn’t stop me see

Cos am gettin’ so tighter, gettin’ so tighter

Goin’ so hard my mum told me

1 you gotta lock it real hard

So I’ma ride for ma momma

E’ry day am goin’ hard


Verse 2

Got it on lock up (lock up)

Impossible to stop up (stop up)

Headin’ to the top up (top up)

Can’t and won’t stop (stop)

Check ma swag (swag)

Feel ma flow (flow)

I gotta a couple more in the studio

All ma fans love me cos I got ’em locked in

1 on the show grab the mic and do it like this

Yeah I do it like this, nobody can do it like this

And they can match this, they can’t match this

Money every where (where)

Even in the bank (bank)

Tryna get it like me, man you won’t get

I’m on ma grizzy like er’y day e’ry night

Livin’ right get it tight, skip it when it ain’t tight

Who am I 1Rail is so fly I got it on lock

E’ry time I’m passin’ by and thus right

I got it locked (yeah) impossible to stop (unh)

Yeah I got it locked impossible to stop





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