Papi – Mokee Harris


She calls me Papi

Cos I’m the only one who makes her happy

Keep on tellin’ her my name’s Mokee

But she don’t wanna set me free

Verse 1

3am in the morning

I’m on my way from the club

Met this pretty little lady

Who claims to dig my style

So she asked me for my number

I told her 2345

You can holla soon as I get home

By the way what’s your name girl

She turned around and smiled

Told me I’ma tell you soon as you’re home


Verse 2

Two weeks later at the shoppin’ mall

She couldn’t get her hands off me

I kept tellin’ her it was a mistake

You know I got a girl and she here with me

I wouldn’t wanna break her heart

So I suggest we keep this thing on a low

And don’t forget that your man’s hatin’

He’d probably put a bullet through me

If he found out you have been foolin’ around with me





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