Rude Buoy – Lyrikal Proof

Verse 1

I got Kampala in ma left hand

Right hand holdin’ onto somethin’ like a mic

And might end suddenly if I don’t try to bite in

Might pen lyrics on the table if the paper ain’t enuff

I move digits like accountants on a good day

Superstar status so you can call a nigga Lupe

I don’t fade, no way you can try hate

I’ll be by the corner makin’ music you can rotate

I do it all day them dudes is foreplay

Soon as I approach e’ry body tryna cold play

Role playin’ actors in the rap game I don’t play

And if I had the chance I could put ‘em up on eBay

You need a replay holla at the DJ

It’s all in the music (and ma shit is 1 take) the shit I do in one take

In one day I do a track and on the next day

Airplay on radio cos I run this all day

Verse 2

Jus’ for the record I been on to the next one

The feelin’ like the urge y’all been gettin’ for your ex one

The phase that am bringin’ make you niggas wanna make some

But you ain’t got the patience so you ain’t even get none

You need a A&R jus’ to get a girl signed

Me I be the label I pick ‘em and they get signed

Take ‘em to the studio then do it to the bass line

Microphone checkin’ lil’ mama got a waistline

They see boy move can’t match the ego

The swag on a Level they ain’t try catch the ego

The rap’s so irregular they call that a decoy

They hear me on radio then call me, the D-Boy

I’m in a chill mood fuck all the bad news

I ain’t got the time for these knock offs and sad dudes

I’m makin’ bad moves paid all the damn dues

I ain’t gat the time for these knock offs and lame dudes

(Verse 3)

Now where your lighter, hands up

Rude boy from Uganda I’m major

I moved from the block got me hittin’ at Jamaica

I made ya so everywhere I go they say I’m Major




About Mister L256

Ambitious. Passionate. 256 Born&Raised.

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