Coast To Coast – King Artha ft Konjo MC

Intro (King Artha and Konjo MC)

Haha (unh huh) listen people (yeah yeah)

It’s K-Struggle, Koz and Effekt

Am goin’ in!


From Coast to Coast

Representing all my fellas

Nimesha pass, Rasclart dem ah fear

Cos guns ah buss (haha yeah yeah)

Ni sisi basi, toka Ghetto paka club we like the kush

Expensive gear the life we push (Kama Kawaida)


Verse 1 (King Artha)

I got mind on my money, money in the bank

Bank in the city and the city on lock

Boy am on top, like a missionary

Chillin’ with my boy Steve teach me how to dougie

Man I’m more dirty than a taxi screaming out wash me!

I’m a city clock , Watch me !

I’m not wealthy but I’m far from rich

Cos your boy got moon dust on the beach

Step up on it and you know I gotta kill it

Konjo on the side and you know he gonna rob you (pow pow)

Man am so alive financially, so officially

I got keys to her city, keys to her titties

She all looking pretty like she chillin with Diddy

Ray Bans on so she can’t see my vision

But ladies love mystery, let’s call it Artha season!

(Chorus) X2

Verse 2 (Konjo MC)

Hii ni verse ya mbili track ya watu wili

Hot kama chilli… you can call it pili pili

And the video will make you glued on the telly

If you copy my style… you’ll sound so silly

Cos I’m one in a milli

I’m the only boss who’s got no big belly

Got Weed? Want weed? Call my celly

It’s Konjo MC, what’s the big dealy?

Super survivor na swag kama ya mdolly

Shiki shiki na mwiri na tumia tu akili

High kama Helly (Helicopter)

Then Girls think am Jolly

Sexy Fingers on my belly feeling soft like jelly

Hands Across Hos’ like I’m R.Kelly

I asked your girl if she got a man, not really

So if she left you for me then I’m sorry

(Chorus) X2

Verse 3 (King Artha)

OK… this is for the G’s

Gun orchestra begging on your knees

Haters better cease

Ghetto rock ballin’ overseas

In the ghetto blowing trees

Feel the breeze

Feel at ease… I’m what it is

Titty and Gun Triggers

Thats what i squeeze (damn)

Nikes, white tees

Goldish cufflinks… official steez

Smile and say cheese

No virus on my Laptop, I use ARVs

I got class but I aint pay school fees

You wouldn’t be so happy if you knew your girl

Was on me screaming don’t stop please

I sting G’s like bees you can ask your boy syz

K-Struggle up here so you boys better freeze




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