Drain Me Dry – Big Tril



Drain me dry, take my life…

(It’s your boy Big Tril)

Until I’m part of you…

(A lot of people be talking about this,

About that, about me)

I have nothing left, to give you my love…

(They don’t know who I are, I rep Baboon Forest Entertainment)

I wanna know…

Verse 1

Hit me, I wanna know why it gets hard for me to breathe

Why my vision so hazy

And  I keep having all these dreams of me walking on the moon

But I guess life aint what it seems

They told me to go away, now they want me donning the team

Cos my swagger shine like a prism glisten

I be reaching for the stars, see me up in the air

Now they hopin’ wishin’

So they mention my name in the conversations, allegations

That I be the best rapper who’s ever done it ain’t no questions

I pay ‘em no attention, I burn ‘em like radiation

If hip hop was ever dead, then I guess I’m the incarnation

I be straight off the tombs

Where they’re lyrically doomed

And if they try me,

I blow haters like I was a monsoon

And I shine like I was the sun’s relative, I never leave

And I’ma keep dropping hot shit

Like I had laxative

Making all my haters sleep like I was a sedative

Big Trizzy the rapper of the century you best believe


Drain me dry, take my life, till I’m part of you

(See they tryna take it all away from me)

I have nothing left, to give to you my love

I wanna know…

Verse 2

I wanna know why everything is changing

Ever since the record deal

They been saying Tril

How did you do it, how does it feel?

You be killin’ all the tracks

How much blood are you gonna spill?

I tell ‘em I’m guilty as charged

Hommie I got the skill

I can’t help it if it’s part of my swagger

Don’t bother me over what I be spitting on the mic

Cos you won’t see no other who can do it like moi

I tell them they know Rude Buoy Musik murder them

They asking for more

So I keep them on a diet, I’m the illest can’t deny it

I be floating in the clouds, they gravity, I defy it

And I keep on hitting down these drums like a mallet

And I keep mixing these rhymes like an artist on a palette

If you trying to have me gone, I’m sorry it’s Mission Impossible

I live in blue like I landed an Avatar movie role

Dark cos they in a planetary my rhymes so sick

They belong in the infirmary, it’s Big Trizzy


Drain me dry, take my life, till I’m part of you…

(This is mine, this is mine, I got this, wadup Kella!)

I have nothing left to give you my love…

(Just when they think I’m gone,

I rise out of my ashes like a Phoenix bird)

I wanna know…

Verse 3

Okay, even in a comma, my brains are never dormant

I be doing big degree shit, they be doing diploma

Step like a doorman then I change the format

For the moment let me vomit, rah!

Fire like the Godzilla

And nobody really blow like a vuvuzela

Got unleashed by Kella and nobody better

That’s why they run cos they scared of us

Spill blood in the ring like I was Spartacus


Drain me dry, take my life, till I’m part of you…

(Yeah, it’s been your boy Big Tril)

I have nothing left, to give to you my love…

(Baboon Forest Entertainment, Rude Buoy Musik)

(My boy Hannz on the beat, as usual you know what it is)

I wanna know…

Drain me dry, take my life, until I’m part of you

I have nothing left, to give to you my love

I wanna know…




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