Gold Medalist – Enygma


New Record! A UG Record/

New Record! A New World Record/

New Record! Olympic Record/

uh uh

Verse 1

They wanna give me the Olympic torch, cos I’m always stayin’ on fire/

Ghost rider! Like the pole vault I raise the bar higher/

So fly – everybody wanna discuss me/

I’ll have you beaten with a baton if you diss my team/

I wear 5 rings, to hit you with my Olympic punches/

Bone crushing from the force, throw you far as long jumpers/

Don’t touch us, or it’s gonna be Rumble in the Jungle time/

Put a zebra in the ring, see Enygma punch-lines/

I can’t help it, I flow better than Mike Phelps/

Without swimming I’m winning the freestyle events/

I carry weight like a champion, my bars are heavy/

And do not ask about the mask because my scars are many!/

I challenge any enemy or any mini-me you name to bring/

An end to me like Winnie & Museveni/

So bow down, I’m an archer with a shotgun/

Oh – you got balls of steel? – Beware the shot put!


Don’t meddle with me, you can’t meddle with/

Don’t meddle with me, you can’t meddle with/

If you’re a nemesis, run, cos I never miss/

I won’t settle quick, I’m a Gold Medalist/

The Gold Medalist (x5)

Verse 2

I’m from the belly of the beast, that’s an inside joke/

On a track, I’m killing everyone, I’m Usain Bolt/

Overcoming any hurdles cos I practice rap with repetition/

No expedition, running laps around the competition/

My scheme’s mean, I’m sorry bro, but you seem green/

It’s not basketball, but I was on the Dream Team/

Now, I’m a nightmare, never try me battlin’/

My bars are so fly, that my verses full of Javelins!/

Stab you in, the abdomen – puncture got you openin’/

I’m Dope when on a podium like ODin’ on opium/

I spits mean – I wrap you in plastic/

Coach of gymnastics, steez you can never mess with my 16s/

Since ’88, nothing’s holding me back/

Like a marathon I’m putting so much soul on the track/

But nobody wanna recognize my records just yet/

Cos I’m so dope, I couldn’t have passed, the drug tests!


Verse 3

I’m gonna dedicate this to Stephen Kiprotich/

Uganda’s Gold Medalist, I hope it makes you rich/

You run this town, Kampala up to London Town/

We’re underground, but you’re making Ugandans proud/

You carried our flag everybody had their hands up/

Till the closing ceremony had to play our anthem/

You’ve lifted our humble nation, because you practiced/

I’m praying that the government won’t charge you any taxes!




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