Me And My Team Freestyle – Benny Black

Please stop askin’ about Still In Transit

The story is nasty and I’m still embarrassed

Told you I got a new EP, but still I’m harassed

Lemme just spark this free, y’all can have this

I still get it in on a track, look

No studio, just me and my Mac book

Still servin’ you dope, I let the crack cook

F*ck them corny a** lines and them wack hooks

Look, I’m the last of a dyin’ breed

A line of mine will leave you higher than Hawaiian weed

Mafia? I am it, I admit

Guudfellas got more fire-arms than a burning giant squid

The whole crew is sick yet,

They call us “999 megabite Gang”…no gig yet

These four daze you, none of us is week yet

We goin’ in hard, leavin’ all your chics wet

And after that we’re off to f*ck the game up

And makin’ bread cos we had no dough as we came up

No change… still broke, still the same us

But still proud as f*ck, it don’t ashame us

Not bosses, but the horsemen. Still stable

Still able to do what we do without a sh*t label

Give you so much more, you don’t need to fix cable

And our secret projects? Will be lesbo

Haha… I’m tryna say way too many leaks

F*ck you pu**y a** niggas! Way too many lips

Everyone’s life’s a movie, way too many flicks

We doin’ the shootin’, way too many clips

Benny Boom! Just stepped in the room

With the whole clique and the clack and the boom

Don’t you mess with these Kampala fella

Before we make it clear, we leave your heart on acappella




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