Natural Selection – O’lee Branch ft Ruyonga, Enygma & Benny Black

Intro (Ruyonga)

Wad up O’lee Branch

Makin’ history with this one right here…

Verse 1 (Ruyonga)

Ruu! Unh unh, sleeker than a French leave

Boss jump a fence quicker these MCs

Lyrics that they’ll recite

And deeds that tell the plight of my constituents

To the listeners we MPs

See, we illuminate all the valid topics

It’s like the radio, phone lines and ballot boxes

Discussing sentences and cut up off the censorship

But only with the legitimate representatives

Government merited for my special intelligence

This delegate never been delicate fresher than Delident

Should have vaccinated what my mama was pregnant with

Came out the womb ill I been killin’ it ever since

Yeah, that’s what they mad at us for

My style’s a something I never had to brush off

How I’m rapping thus far

Got ‘em stressin’ me to run for office

Here’s the thing, I rather just walk


Cancel the elections

You are now rocking with the natural selection

Cover me I’m goin’ in

O’lee bring the horns in, it’s like we getting sworn in

Verse 2 (Enygma)

I’d like to welcome y’all, to my swearing in ceremony

My verse is a curse so, I swear in the ceremony

Hearing the testimony

Even Roger Mugisha’s recommending a referendum to earn me this silly money

This is my victory speech

My manifesto with the man who sits with M.anifest is fixing the streets

Picture the scene. Zero negatives, after this conquest

We develop positives like a Besigye blood test

Lyrical political figures when this ballad drops

Your lady is rigorous, so I’m stuffing her ballot box

Going gaga, but she’s no lady

In Parliament bring your knife to a gunfight I’m an M80 you’re a ka-dagger

No propaganda, I rep Uganda with proper grammar

Natural selection, professional rapping with perfection

Mastering the session, playing on political systems

Cos everyone feeling these joints like malaria symptoms


Verse 3 (Benny Black)

Black in the White House, the irony

I rule entirely with tyranny

Only a wheel is gon retire me

Like glue in a socket I stick to power

I’m in a position to see your position simply get killed and devoured

I guess ‘m a president with a couple of vices

This compromises my position, my soul is cold as ice is

And here’s some food for thought for you like Condoleeza Rice is

Going to war with me is looking for tears, it’s a crisis

Benny Black the one and only, I got beef with competition

I don’t wanna meet Romney

He is fired like a joint, stake out

And Benny Black, he’s back in the State House

With the First Lady but not the last one

Many presidential suits I always pull the first one

I walk with my cane, for any sick hater

And I’m pretty fucked up, they call me a dictator





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