Nawuliranga – Navio ft Charles & Frida Ssonko


Nawulira, nawuliranga! Ah olwa leero nawuliranga…

Nawulira, nawuliranga! Ah olwa leero nawuliranga…

Yeah! Haha! You now think I can just stop calling them songs

And start calling them experiences, ‘cause that’s what I do… yeah!

I got Charles and Frida Ssonko with me, please let me have the honour

Well I wanna let you know, I will listen to you girl

I’m trying to! Hahaha… yeah!

Bring the chorus here, lemme go check my swag, Aethan!


Nawulira nawuliranga, ah olwa leero nawuliranga X4

Verse 1

I will listen, to what you get across

You can call it bridging, I’ll help you get across

I am on a mission, ready to get across

You’re an angel, a vision, so thanks to your boss

Yes you’re a vision, I wanna read you more

Monitor your decisions, observe what you are

Do you turn red when I tell you a star?

Do you feel a buzz when I say you are the bar?

Kiki… kino kika, silina mputu nagenda e wa kojja

Ela mukwano nkugambye tokyitya

This is food for thought, ela oli mukulya

Kiki… kino kika nawuliranga

Bwonayogeranga mukwano nasilikanga

Bwesisirikirenga mukwano tewekyanganga

If you’re interested, Rubaga gyob’onsanga!


Verse 2

Nothing, nothing could be sweeter

She’s so instrumental so I never beat her

Get, instrumental? So I never beat her

Not that I would, it’s not my style either

You know we like them thick, so I gotta feed her

Get it by the dozen, whether or not it’s cheaper

I’m at her gate, looking for ways to keep her

To make her safe, I would lease a gatekeeper

When things are getting grim, I am the reaper

You reap what you sow, so she must be a diva

She never wants to leave UG and me neither

She’d do the same thing to me to gain staying fever, believe her!

In this neighbourhood, Navio I do it for the people

I’m just trying to listen to you, yeah!



Ha! Oops! I almost forgot to introduce myself, it’s Navio

Hahaha Uga-flow! Haha Mr Ssonko show master!

Navio! Klear Kut! It’s the battalion! It’s the battalion!

Oh man, I must be the best…




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