Shut It Down (Remix) – CODE ft Essie, The Mith, Tucker HD, Enygma & Ruyonga



It’s about that time!

Yeah… CODE, go !

(Essie & The Mith)

(You came to party) Yes, ladies and gentlemen

(So grab somebody) We have a remix!

Verse 1

(The Mith)

I, pull up to the club

All black man, I’m looking like a thug

Head to the back, pull out the plugs

Head to the front, pull down the speakers

Rip out the mixers, push out the divas

Head to the side then put all my drinks up

Said I don’t want no trouble, I’ll behave

I just shut it down like KCCA

(Tucker HD)

Official like a referee dressed in a suit and tie, it’s def we in

CODE and the homegirl Essie in

Your boy’s fire, that’s a Rest In Power Sera

We came to shut it down, shut it down Panamera

A brand, son, with the band son, feeling handsome

And I bench stars, I’m Coach Bobby Will.I.Am.Son

It’s cool how I bring the heat, the fans surprised

Dope, on my Coke side of life, they fantasize

Chorus (Essie)

We came to party, so just grab somebody

We came to party, so just grab somebody

Hit the dance floor, must I say more?

Don’t you know that…

We came to shut it down,down, down,down X4

Verse 2


8 bars, tonight am going in

Starting with the Writer’s Club, I’m killing it again

I saw a pretty girl, was alone, looking dope

She was dirty-dancing, I think she needed soap

I gave her a bar, how you doing Mukwano?

She told me that she wanna settle down like Mavado

Didn’t need a pass code, and I had my mask on

Ask CODE to shut it down, giving her the back stroke


Kyaba too real

Shut it down like UMEME workers run a long overdue bill

They can’t cut us now,

On tracks we’re like corporate sponsored marathons, we run  this town

Lines stay buzzing, no doubt about it

And Christ is my source, no power outage

We’re official, launch mode set it off like a nuclear missile,

It’s a launch code

Verse 3 (CODE)

It’s officially an anthem, but you already know that

Got ‘em thinking like, damn he’s back

And the whole team’s generous

So every verse from us is like gifts, new wrap

We unlocked the bass, shut down the place, no online debates

From psycho to psychic, we know your taste

Every bar went hard on this track, one take

Go! Even with the lights on, the mic’s on, got em dancing to my song

Can’t tell if the nights long but we party, aint nobody going home

I brought the rap game royalty,

Couple kings and a queen, that’s good with me

Yeah, checkmate, I’m out

CODE music, we’re the legacy they never doubt


Outro (CODE)

There you have it! Remix, Essie…

Got The Mith, Tucker HD, Enygma, Ruyonga

Yeah, truly yours… and they call me CODE




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