Burn – Tucker HD

Pleasure’s all yours, you probably don’t get it

Clique AirporTaxi, I’m riding round widdit

Somebody stepped down, that was never me

I never make retirement plans like Museveni

Flow make them come around like contours

Went pro, still I never play around like Obua

Nobody do it better, for sure I’m in The House

So it’s wise enough you listen when I speak like Rebecca

Riding with gorillas, that’s 50… grand, get it?

Riding with gorillas, that’s 50

She probably as fly, it’s why she in the back with me

She bad like Zari with a accent like Kisti …damn!

You see me, you see me

Come through and school ‘em all for free, UPE

Big boy vibe, Wandex Dennis

Watch what you tell me that could be your death sentence, get it?

And I’m riding round with them night crawlers,

Them cool kids, if it’s right, call us

We young, black and so good-looking,

Who gives a hell what they might call us?

We always keep it on Cloud 9, flightmode, never gets delayed

Like Bobi, all my homies ride till the tyres roll off that Escalade

I stay awake just to follow dreams

Approach your best rapper like: hello, I’m Halloween

Don’t get in my space, like the astronauts

Keep going till my pockets on Big Basena

Back with a hit, back, looking at your girl like, “Back then I hit that”

Sit back, watch me getting rappers kicked out then I kick back

Got, no time for the chitchat, black, which eye wanna get that?

Call you, floor you, then call you again and call what happened a mishap

In fact, quit bragging… these rappers I keep bagging

So mad with the flow, on the track I’ma go till I’m Mick Jagg-ing

Started off small tryna get capital

Didn’t slacken a bit coz I didn’t have it all

Chasing my dough, like the chick rabbit

And while you on the sideline, watch the kid grab it all

Y’all don’t really wanna start war

So UG, I’m a Winner, Boss Vaawo

They try to bring Ruckus all around my team

But I’ma Keep Moving coz I Have A Dream

I’m doing Me, I’m doing Me

Top spot not 2 or 3, that spot you thought you would be

I ain’t even got time to address the haters

I be Shutting Down Towns, then I Flex Da Paper

I Rev It Up at the House Party

Actions speak louder, that’s why I’m so word of mouth hardly

All I ever did since I came to town

Is show them How We Do then Let Them Go like Keko Town

Salute my crew, put God Over Money and the power like Ru

Good God, I’ma bless ‘em, they better push further

But still for Straka Money you know I’ma push harder

Back to kill competition without fail

Bars like Benny Black, every letter is blackmail

Your girl’s coming out to meet with a star

There’s 10 Reasons I’m The One, I’ll give her a bar

You must’ve bumped your head like Kanye

If you’re as dope as you say, Kiki Ekigaanye?

Y’all gotta be kidding boss, labayo

Beera mu class young man, nze namalayo

Burn on ‘em, I burn all em, all day I go burn on ‘em

Like Ciza, and Aludah, that’s all the tables I turn on ‘em

Since I came through I been doing this the right way

Any rapper gonna come my way prolly gonna get sprayed, Arinaitwe

Going off on these beats I’ma leave the speed limits for the highway

You can judge me all you want man, you can go ahead and be, Sanaipei

Turn your girl to your ex, don’t ask why, I’m that fly

My bars could go for 90 like I’m that guy

Yeah, what I might do, ‘cause when I come through, when it come to

Making rappers meet their death man

You aint gotta bet I let her come too

I’m doing everyday what they can’t do

I’m killing it, pray for the bantu

They’ll never undo, trendsetter I’m too

Making the city shake like I’m Mansour

Riding round on a boda-b, top spot’s where I oughta be

Triple F, that’s for the Fans, and the Friends and the Fam that’s always supported me, get it?

Triple F, that’s for the Fans, and the Friends and the Fam that’s always supported me

More than quick to call bluff on your bravado

Say they wanna battle then they don’t show up like Mavado

I was in the crowds, now I’m in the clouds

My high school teachers say I make em proud

UG in my blood, down to the bone

You was dope and ran outta luck, you Marion Jones

We kill every beat that we feel, kinda natural

Even though we got the ball we still coming at you

What they gon say? AirporTaxi and we on the runway

I’m calling all the shots, tell the waiter Gunplay

Say you in my league then you better come play

Watch me let that beat burn, let that beat burn

I’ma let that beat burn, let that beat burn

The roof on fire, we gon’ take you higher, higher, higher, higher

Let that beat burn, let that beat burn

I’ma let that beat burn, let that beat burn, get it?

The roof on fire, we gon’ take you higher…




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