Campu – Tucker HD

From Olympia, Valley Courts, to Nana, Ark & Akamwesi

The campus nightlife’s a Straka Mwezi

8 to noon, tweeting, Whatsapping in the lecture room

The hardest part about tests? Sitting next to whom?

Guys talking slick, tryna lead your friends on

99 percent of those? They keep them in the friendzone

She’s something that you could have son, not that you are bad

You’re sweet but can’t compete with her sugar-dad

Outside her hostel, probably donning a Rolex watch

And your meal-time’s your only rolex, watch

You got game but no match, its real evident

Walking that talk, like I should run for Guild President

Papers the next day, party the entire night

Leave for class, pull our pens out then we firefight

Sexual network, affection leads to sex and

Rather than risk infection, some opt to use protection

Listen please, while you split some trees, beers and pleasantries

AIDS is on the rise like tuition fees

This life ain’t a joke, without money, how funny

Some after heights, and some jumping off the balcony

The sextapes, folks do what they’re determined to do

Lecturers striking, their payrise from the government due

Through it all you gotta focus, you don’t plan to see

Your Graduation turn into a Dark Twisted Fantasy




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