Clique256 – Tucker HD ft Llyboc

Intro (Llyboc)

Ain’t nobody fresher than my clique

Ain’t nobody go harder than my f’in clique

As I look around they don’t do it like my clique

So take a glance, bow down to our f**in’ clique

(Tucker HD)

I’m talking double L, Y-B-O-C

Yeah I’m talking Martha, yeah I’m talking me

AirporTaxi, I’m talking nothing but we

In that F-L-Y tee, always got one with me

I’m always feet-first on the welcome mat

Crashing the parties that I’m welcome at and

Sell them raps to rappers who seldom rap

I send heaven-sent rappers to hell then back

They was back fronting I held them back

Two fire arms, first hand, and second hand, tell them clap

Every line is patient, whether on stage or when we hit the station

They was throwing bricks at my pane, how I built frustration

Movie in the making, chilling with people whom I was stealing a gaze then

Lost myself I’m still in a maze of steel, still I’m feeling amazing

Course I’m on that Felix MrSir, that Raj Martin, that Bishop Michael

That Prince Paul, that Silver Jude, Christian dude

That Andre, Danny Keith, Shane game, that Rayner ish

That Iam Rusa, Uncle Nick, that’s one clique, too legit

For a couple grand, went and bought a couple brands

All my homies ride til my deathbed, ambulance

On that tip-top, come through with that fresh bread

Been milking the game, I call that breastfed

I’m with your girl in your ex’s bed

I’m homegrown, just best bred

And I am not my hair, I’m something the best dread

I’m walking a path the best tread

Killing off competition who’s the next dead?

Still I’m calling the shots with even less cred

Laidback, listening to some Benny Black

Type of guy you can’t keep up with on any track

Cloud Nine is where we at

Heard there’s some dudes that eat rappers, where they be at?

Is this real hater, how does it feel?

Signed to Aly Allhibai, I’m a big deal

And my First Lady from another planet

Case she acting up I guess I just might need another Janet

Close ties with Frank Whizzer in Tokyo

Everybody knows, ask Pinocchio

My clique demands respect, if it don’t get it from him I make him pay all he owe

We turn heads like the logo of that OVO

I’m screaming Cheers right before we blow

Always the Never The Less rule, this is all we know

We’re the Dream team, nothing that we can’t do

I’ma rest my case with a Rest In Peace Andrew.




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