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I Will Sing – Maurice Kirya

Verse 1

My power is in my song

It’s how I communicate

I don’t have no government

But if I did I would try to save the world

I’m no politician

I’m no advocate for no religion

It’s only common sense to know

That the world needs to live in harmony

Please don’t call this charity

It’s a role that we must play

We’re all brothers and sisters

Let’s join our hands in harmony



Don’t Wanna Fight (Remix) – Maurice Kirya ft Enygma

Verse 1 (Enygma)

My teacher used to

Beat me with sticks, whenever I freestyled/

Looking like a fish, from Jinja, in denial/

Being challenged cos my talent was never respected/

Is it right, I have to fight, just to be accepted?/

Didn’t expect it except it filled, my heart with pain/

I just wanna build, I am a Uganda crane/

Constructing bars, so many storeys (stories) to be told/

Like Maurice, I had to show courage and be bold (bald)/

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