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UG On My Chest – Jay Arc ft Tucker HD



Campu – Tucker HD


Clique256 – Tucker HD ft Llyboc


Burn – Tucker HD

Pleasure’s all yours, you probably don’t get it

Clique AirporTaxi, I’m riding round widdit

Somebody stepped down, that was never me

I never make retirement plans like Museveni

Flow make them come around like contours

Went pro, still I never play around like Obua

Nobody do it better, for sure I’m in The House

So it’s wise enough you listen when I speak like Rebecca

Riding with gorillas, that’s 50… grand, get it?

Riding with gorillas, that’s 50

She probably as fly, it’s why she in the back with me

She bad like Zari with a accent like Kisti …damn!


Shut It Down (Remix) – CODE ft Essie, The Mith, Tucker HD, Enygma & Ruyonga



It’s about that time!

Yeah… CODE, go !

(Essie & The Mith)

(You came to party) Yes, ladies and gentlemen

(So grab somebody) We have a remix!

Verse 1

(The Mith)

I, pull up to the club

All black man, I’m looking like a thug

Head to the back, pull out the plugs

Head to the front, pull down the speakers

Rip out the mixers, push out the divas

Head to the side then put all my drinks up

Said I don’t want no trouble, I’ll behave

I just shut it down like KCCA


All The Way – AirporTaxi

Verse 1


Me and you, together aint the same

Wanna take you, own my last name

People get cautious cause

I just took your love, on an overdose


Till I find your love girl, I quit resting

You a loan (alone), it’s you I find interest in

If I be without you, confidence might sag

You a A+ plus you compliment my swag


High Definition – Tucker HD

Verse 1

Runnin’ in my lane, better get your sweatpants

Better than the X-man, better than the next man

Never heard your song, it must’ve been a Def Jam

They bride-and-groom rappers, I’m better than the Best Man

You run the town, I’m runnin’ cross-country

So UG, man I’m so Sevo’s country

It’s illegal bein’ a loser

So am what these other rappers are tryna be in the future

Bloodbath, leave your a** in the showers


What’s My Name – Tucker HD

I guess words can’t express the feeling

Coz when I tell you I love you it sounds less appealing

So bear with me girl, my heart can’t beat without you

Even with the appetite, can’t eat without you

Can’t settle when we’re not together

Can’t get her off my mind, they stuck together

Two of a kind, like Gucci slippers, the right pair

She separates my daydreams from my nightmares

Time’s money, together we spend Euros

Me plus you, it equals swagger, in plurals READ MORE